IT Governance is top of mind in the world of business due to the impact that IT has on the day to day running of a company. IT has evolved from merely being an enabler to being the business because business processes are critically dependent on IT. Organisations around the world need to keep up with ever changing trends, comply with regulatory requirements and be innovative to ensure the survival, growth and sustainability of their business. Organisations also need to manage risk effectively and hence IT Governance is a critical element which must become an essential component of the planning and building of corporate organisations.

This one day conference is aimed at bridging the gap between business and technology and extolling the benefits of incorporating IT Governance principles and concepts into organisational strategic planning. IT Governance professionals will be Leading the Way as they discuss IT Governance best practices and provide valuable insights regarding the benefits of implementation and encourage capacity building amongst business leaders and managers.

IT Governance is senior management’s ability to direct, measure and evaluate the use of an enterprise’s IT resources in support of the achievement of the organisation’s strategic goals. Leadership, organisational structure and processes are used to leverage IT resources to produce the information required and drive the alignment, delivery of value, management of risk, optimised use of resources, sustainability and the management of performance

The event provides networking opportunities with IT audit, risk, security and governance professionals; senior management and executives responsible and accountable for good governance.