Workshop Outline

Establishing an IT Governance Combined Assurance Model the King IV™ way

Join this post-conference coaching workshop on building an appropriate and rigorous IT governance assurance competence. You will be guided in understanding the context as well as the related pitfalls and risks. Understand how to integrate this approach with the broader governance efforts and ensure that your combined assurance efforts result in the continual improvement of your organisation’s IT Governance. This workshop will guide you in how to shape IT governance practices such that you can add value to IT operations as well as support business in their decision-making.

Session 1: Setting the scene for Combined Assurance in IT Governance

  • Combined assurance and the greater governance scheme
  • The evolution of combined assurance from King III to King IV
  • Decision-design vs. decision-support
  • Management control and the model
  • Your combined assurance model and fulfilling governance goals
  • Supporting business drivers using an IT-CAM (Combined Assurance Model)

Session 2: The changing roles of Risk Management and Internal Audit

  • The role of Enterprise Risk Management and the risk-based approach
  • Relating business risk to IT risk in the context of the Combined Assurance Model
  • The changing role of Internal Audit
  • Case studies: (High-profile governance crises and operating example)

Session 3: Developing the Combined Assurance Model for IT Governance

  • Establishing readiness and constructing the CAM for IT
  • Maintaining and continually improving the IT-CAM
  • General ‘Dos and Don’ts’
  • Recognising the influence of digital transformation and disruption
  • Common challenges, lessons learnt and success factors

Benefits of attending

  • Developing your governance design skills whilst supporting your organisation in maximizing the value of its IT investments
  • Understanding how COBIT 5® and other associated IT governance standards go hand in hand with the application of the King IV™ combined assurance approach
  • Building an effective assurance model aligned with your GRC and assurance functions
  • Empowering collaboration between cross functional stakeholders and diverse areas of management with a unified insight into the purpose and desired outcomes of their inputs

Who should attend

Executive directors, non-executive directors, Exco members, Heads of Departments, General Managers, Senior Managers, Managers, Supervisors, staff:

  • Audit, Risk, Governance and Compliance
  • IT, Information / Data
  • Business Continuity, Business Recovery and Crisis Management
  • Strategy

Why conference delegates cannot miss this workshop

Good corporate governance has assumed greater importance in the roles of the IT and assurance functions across Africa. This workshop will provide the combined insights of two IT Governance specialists: the first an acclaimed speaker, world renowned thought leader, award-winning facilitator; the other a widely experienced practitioner, executive advisor and advanced-skills trainer who will share their latest insights regarding IT governance assessments.

This workshop will provide a platform for enquiry and knowledge enrichment by leveraging interactive discussions, living case studies and quality training material.

Your Trainers: Carolynn Chalmers and Maria Kostelac

Carolynn Chalmers is a Corporate Governance advisor who has been consulting in this area for the last seven years to various types of organisations. Carolynn holds an MSc from the University of Cape Town; is certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT; is a facilitator for the Institute of Directors; and is a member of their Corporate Governance Network.

Carolynn has extensive management and governance experience and has held various Board and Executive roles for international, listed and private organisations.

Maria Kostelac is a senior IT Governance advisor, trainer and practitioner. Her role as subject matter expert for the Risk Advisory division of one of the big-four audit firms spans near six years; prior to which she operated internationally providing various IT Service Management courses and fulfilling consultative roles for Oracle and Dimension Data. Maria holds a BADA (hons) and PDM from Wits University; is a certified ITILExpert practitioner & trainer, ISO27000 Lead Implementer, ISO20000 Consultant and is certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT. Her hands-on market experience spans multiple (public and private) industry sectors.